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Over time, an arrangement evolved in which the author would collect questions from the readers of the mailing list and newsgroup, send them on to Jeff who would in turn answer them and mail back his responses. The Little Girl [5.17] Suzanne Lanze................. The Gentleman on the Plane [4.24] Lela Lee......................

However, an upcoming two-part arc involving Rachel, Barry [Rachel's ex-fiancé and Mindy [Rachel's Bridesmaid & Barry's girlfriend] was conceived of all at once. If you are looking for script format because you're interested in writing for TV, there are loads of books that can fill you in.

Read their stories, and decide whether you're ready to take the first step toward success.

Learn about our Title Acquisitions Our self-publishing book packages offer various combinations of our publishing, editorial, and marketing services for a truly customized self-publishing experience.

Imagine self-publishing with i Universe, and then receiving a phone call from a traditional publishing house—they want to pick up your book!

It isn't too good to be true, because it happened to some of our authors.

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